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No Turning Back Chapter 31
This is book two. Read book one here.
CHAPTER 31: Storm Clouds

Ro watched in dismay as Mernao sprinted away through the sand and jumped into the mellow ocean. He bounded out again, yelping in clear surprise at how cold the water was. Ro snorted in amusement, wondering briefly if this was the same mastermind behind taking Dugle. Or maybe it was very easy to come up with a plan and infiltrate Dugle successfully?
    “That guy is crazy,” Chackel muttered. “How are we supposed to do anything with him around?”
    Thorn chuckled. “Mr. Rulek might be a bit mad at times, but he’s one of the most honorable and fair people I know. If he were really given the permission—see, he waits for permission—to take over Dugle, even just partially, then he wou
:iconseancrastien:SeanCrastien 2 0
No Turning Back Chapter 32
This is book two. Read book one here.
CHAPTER 32: An Overdue Apology

The horse ran swiftly, its hoofbeats loud as they thumped across the rolling grass. The harsh wind tried to push it back, but it pressed forward, springing over ridges and charging through the marshes. It soon reached the City of Dugle, Chackel noting this transition mainly based off the sound of its hoofbeats crossing stone, rather than how his surroundings changed. It was getting darker the further they went, and rain lashed at their faces. 
    “Come on, you bloody horse,” Chackel hissed, unable to hear his own voice above the whipping of the storm.
    They finally made it to the opposite edge of the city, where his farm lay. He brought the horse to a stop, the rain now thundering down on them.
:iconseancrastien:SeanCrastien 2 0
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New Years Resolutions 2018
This year was either my best or worst year, I can't really tell lmao. let's see if I completed any of these sjalsjk
2017 Resolutions:
    1. Okay release episode 2 of Mystiverse PLEASE omg i actually did it and episode 3 is storyboarded just need a couple voices
    2. Actually get past Eterna Gym in The Grind that'd be great im going to cry why havent i done this ajskdjk whatever i completed the valley windworks arc (just gotta edit and upload the page which lets be real will take forever)
    3. Treat your "non-story" OCs right. They deserve your love im gonna give that a kind of. like i drew a ton of the warrior cats ocs and sketched my other ocs a lot, but the focus was definitely on my stories this year. not even that mad about it but hmm still want to give my ocs some love
    4. Do some AMVs and PMVs and FINISH YOUR MAP PARTS lmao wish i did this. real talk tho im proud on the two
:iconfrostclaw140:Frostclaw140 3 11
Let It Snow for Clumsiestgirl by SeanCrastien Let It Snow for Clumsiestgirl :iconseancrastien:SeanCrastien 3 4 Birthday Invitation Card 5 by ZoeChickenFarmer Birthday Invitation Card 5 :iconzoechickenfarmer:ZoeChickenFarmer 1 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm Rachel, welcome to my page! I hope that you find something, story, art or otherwise that you like on my profile! I'm working hard to broaden my work on here, with different styles and upcoming projects like comics!

I love to hear from other artists on their own journeys, we're all developing differently and its great to hear from different perspectives so please, don't hesitate to message me!

Please don't comment thanking me for favourites, badges etc. It was my pleasure to do it, so you don't need to thank me ^^

Angry Little Cravey by Frostclaw140 Sleeping Beauty by Frostclaw140 I just want to read and retain information by Frostclaw140

Hufflepuff Stamp by smileystamps Multi Animator Project Stamp by Tumblin-down Steven Universe Stamp by univrs .music love. by icedtay

Instagram: Lampshaade


Organizing my galley for 2018, there's so many drawings that appear in the 'More from this artist' that are old things that should be in scraps, like pls show anyone that may click on my art some of my GOOD things... not an "anatomy practice" I drew in 2014...

gotta say, it was satisfying to gut it out like that
I really want to do some quick drawings to get back into digital art since I aint used my pc to draw in like two months, so friends, hmu if you have any requests of your/ fan characters I can draw
2 of 10 seconds of an animation lined andcoloured, still to be shaded :') How can people animate so fast
Lmao person i know was a right dick when i showed him animation stuff, like dude, u know i make shit like that. U gonna laugh at my stuff too? I dont want to move my chanel but u make me feel like i need to
2017 draws to an end, and I want to start the new year off well! This year for me has been good? it wasn't bad, I just can't really define if its been particularly bad or good, its been a good mix. I never made resolutions last year, at least, not that i can find or remember so there's no list for me to check off, so I'll make a new one, with new goals for the coming year.

  • Take art seriously
I want to make serious improvement this year, especially if art is what i want to do in Uni/college. I want to improve my character design, still life/realism, backgrounds, different styles, details in drawings, anatomy. I also want to make more time for drawing and aim to make finished pieces rather than just sketching.

  • Take school seriously
I've gotten through 5 years of high school by doing homework last minute or not finishing it, this can't continue. My exams this year are really important and I need to stay on top of my work if I want to get good results.

  • Document my art progress
I've made an Instagram that I hope will encourage me to keep track of my work and see my improvement better. I'd also like to become more active on DeviantArt again for the same reason as I made my Instagram. I also hope to gain more of a following on my art so that I can start commissions one day.

  • Write
There are so many ideas in my head for stories all the time and I never write them because I can't get beyond my initial idea or characters. I want to at least try jotting these ideas down, maybe taking a few further than that and making it a story. This connects into my next goal

  • Start a project
I want to start a comic/ story series for the long run. I hope to start with something shorter but it depends on the story I try to work with. I wont let it become like past projects such as Lockdown or that apocalypse comic I tried to start. It might just end up being me making more art of characters and scenes with a short description of the story but even that will satisfy me.

  • Make progress on my larger project
I've been thinking about an animated series for some time but this is by no means something that'd appear this year. I want to work on animation and its story before It got near youtube. I'm doing my best to keep it shorter and simple, but i don't want to loose it in my ideas so I want to have made progress on the story/ creation by next year.

  • My Health
I want to be eating less and eating more healthily. My diet over the last year sucked and I want to do better this year. I would also like to get in better shape. As it stands I'm very out of shape, and have little muscle so I would like to loose some weight and tone up some. I think this will positively impact my mentality over the year as well.

  • Experience more
There's so much I want to experience, I want to go out and explore and adventure more. I want to take more chances, get out of the house more and stop overthinking everything. I hope new experiences come my way, and that I will say yes to them. I think saying yes more will also improve my confidence in myself, which is quite low for the now.

  • Job
Ya boi wants money I NEED A JOB.

  • Style
More of a confidence thing, but I want to improve my look. I wanna step out the door feeling like a trampled fly but looking like a goddess, you feel? So I'm going to pay more attention to my clothes because I like to express myself through them.

  • Speak my mind 
I tend to ignore things instead of confronting issues, meaning they can pile up. I want to be more honest with my feelings and with others, speak my mind when i need to to for myself and my friends.

  • Cut out toxic people

I might add to this, but for now these are my main goals to keep in mind this year! Happy new year everyone! Here's to a great new Year. I'd also love to hear what your resolutions are for 2018.


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